This page shows a little side project that I completed at the University of Hertfordshire in 1999. The brief was to add a 3D Model to an existing series of advertising objects. As I competed in Robot Wars Series II, I thought it a good idea to add an ident to the BBC 2 set involving Robot Wars.

Here is the Outcome, First seen on Series III

Technical Specs


Weight : 6.1kg / Lightweight

Dimensions : 290mm x 500mm x 570mm

Motors / Drive : Standard 540 motor, using rear drive from a Tamiya Bush Devil.

Steering ; Front from a TA-02 Chassis

Power : 1 x 7.2v dry cell battery

Armor : 3mm Aluminum Checker plate / 1mm Aluminum Sheet / Styrene

                                        Weapons : Servo operated front bucket, Servo operated rear arm, with CD's used as cutting disc.

                                        Radio : 1x Futuba Skysport 40MHz Transmitter.

Video Clip

The Sketch to the right is a concept idea, even so the final outcome worked out to be very close to this sketch.





A side view of the BBC ident. By Using the 2 as the base I took various parts from the shows House Robots.



Here you can see the moving parts of the BBC 2 Ident, with text of the BBC.




A slightly closer view of the BBC 2 Ident showing the features of the shows House Robots.

A closer look at the rear Circular Saw shows the 2x CD's stuck together.





Below Two Pictures of my BBC 2 in the Robot Wars Arena with Sir Killalot. Click for Enlargement.



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